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Undergraduate major of Chinese Language approved

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According to the recent announcement of the Ministry of Education, the undergraduate major of Chinese Language, which is the first to enroll foreign students in our school, has been successfully approved. This is another key breakthrough of the education for foreign students after our school has become one of the universities of the Chinese government scholarship.

This undergraduate major of Chinese Language, with 4-year educational system, is specifically aimed at foreign students, which shares the right of granting the undergraduate graduation certificate and the Bachelor degree of Arts. It is different from the traditional Chinese major or TCFL(Teach Chinese As Foreign Language) which is to train overseas Chinese teaching faculties. China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language has officially compiled and issued the teaching syllabus for undergraduate major of Chinese Language, which stipulates clearly its teaching objects, training objectives, teaching contents, teaching principles, specific teaching requirements and other aspects.

With the country’s increasing support of the countries along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, more and more foreign students want to learn Chinese and get the degree, leading to the emergence “mandarin fever”. But our university hasn’t been granted for relative majors, baffling the development of foreign students’ education in our school. At present, education of foreign students in china is blessed with an important period of opportunities again. It is an inevitable choice to set up Chinese Language major for foreign students.

The university will depend on the established recruitment channels and enroll the applied high-end foreign language talents to enrich the international pattern of school-running, to promote the ability of serving state’s external development strategy and the leap-forward progress of the education for foreign students.