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Procedure for Short-term Employment of Language Teacher in Fuzhou University

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1. If the decision of employment is made, the school that is going to hire the teacher should submit the following documents (in both hard and soft copy) for “F” Visa.

a. The school submits the invitation letter in Chinese with the following detailed information:

1. The header of the letter should be the school that is going to hire the teacher,and there should be the seal of this school at the bottom of this letter.

2. The letter should be writen to the embassy or consulate that will issue the visa for the teacher.

3. The letter should include: the personal information of the hired person (full name, gender, nationality, age, passpoart number), the reason of invitation, the expected arrival time and place of this person, and the duration of his/her employment, and the acommodation information during the employment (including the expected living expense).

b. The school should submit to the Office of Cooperation and Exchange the application form of foreign entry in 5 copies.

c. Copy of passport, copy of family members’ passports, and kinship certificate. All the materials should be reviewed and stamped by the local Chinese embassy and translated into Chinese edition by authorized agent with seals on the perforation.

d. Visit schedule

2. The office of Cooperation and Exchange will review these documents and issue the formal invitation letter with the header of Fuzhou University and send one copy of this letter to the Office of Foreign Affairs of Fujian Provincial Government.

3. The School should send invitation letter and confirmation letter of invitation to the foreign expert for “F” visa application.

4. The school should lead the teacher to the police station for registration of temporary residence within 2 days after his/her entry into China. The materials for registration are as follows:

a. Official letter provided by the Office of Cooperation and Exchange (the foreign teacher living off the campus should provide the name of the district police station to the office)

b. Copy of passport of the front page, the visa page and the page of the most recent entry stamp (for both the foreign expert and accompanying family members).

c. Registration form of temporary residence for visitors