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Introduction to scholarships available for oversea students

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Fuzhou University is providing severaltypes of scholarships for oversea students. They are:


1.        Chinese Government Scholarship


The Chinese Government Scholarships are provided by the Ministry of Education of China for applications of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Only applications of postgraduate programs can applyfor this scholarship and it will be granted to 5 applicants annully at Fuzhou University. For postgraduate programs, the duratioin of this scholarship is 2-3 years and 3-4 years for Ph.D programs. For the details and the requirements of this scholarship, please referto the following link:



2.        Fujian Provincial Government Scholarships


These scholarships are provided by the deparment of education of Fujian province. They are applicable for overseastudents of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. They include several typesof scholarships with different coverage and durations for language training and degree acquisition. For details, Please refer to the link:


3.        Fuzhou University Scholarship


This scholarship is provided by FuzhouUnversity. It is still under preparation and will be put into operation soon.