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Measures of Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status

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Article 1. In accordance with the relevant regulations on the management of Chinese Government Scholarship,to reinforce the management of Chinese Government Scholarship and to bring its benefits and effects into full play, the following measures are formulated specifically to carry out Annual Review of the Chinese Government ScholarshipStatus (hereinafter referred to as Annual Review).


Article 2. Annual Review refers to the comprehensive assessment system which the international studentsstudying in China under Chinese Government Scholarship Programs (hereinafter referred to as the scholarship students) shall go through annually. It will decide whether they are qualified to continue enjoying or to renew thescholarship.


Article 3. The Ministry of Education ofChina entrusts China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC) to take charge of the organization and implementation of Annual Review. The Administrations for education in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities shall be in responsible for the relative coordination work of Annual Review in the institutions. The institutions are entitled to give AnnualReview to their own scholarship students.


Article 4. The scholarship students who have studied in China for more than one year or who have finished their planned study programs and wish to extend their scholarship should go through Annual Review.


Article 5. The details ofAnnual Review include:

1). performances (including the examination or checkup results of all courses in the first term and the general performances in the second term of this academic year),

2).attitude towards study, attendance,

3). conducts, rewards andpunishments received.


Article 6. According to theteaching and the student status management, the institutions shall set up thespecific methods and different standards for Annual Review. On basis of theabove, the institution will assess whether the students are qualified tocontinue enjoying or to renew the scholarship. And then put forward theirresults either qualified or unqualified, and proposals on whether to provide,suspend or terminate the scholarship.

According to the assessments and suggestions of the institutions, CSC will make the final decision whether to continuously provide , suspend or terminate thescholarship.


Article 7. The scholarship will be suspended for at least one year if the students: 

1). fail to go up to the next grade ordegrade due to the incompetent examination results,

2). or have not reached the required credits on the elective courses intwo consecutive years,

3). or have been kept in school but placed under surveillance.

The students whose scholarships are suspended, from the beginning of next academic year, will not enjoy the scholarships any more. However, they can apply to continue their studies asself-financed students or ask for exemption of certain fees according to theregulations of the institutions. Before the period of suspension is over, those involved can apply to go through Annual Review of that year. If they pass the review and get the approval from CSC, they can renew their scholarship from the next academic year.


Article 8. The scholarship will be terminated if the students:

1). are compelled to flunk out or dismissed from the institution,

2). or fail twice in Annual Review during thestudies in China ,

3). or refuse to take Annual Review withoutpersuasive reasons.

Those who have their scholarship terminatedwill not enjoy the scholarships from the day of proclamation and cannot renewtheir scholarships any more.


Article 9. Procedures of Annual Review:

1). Scholarship students should apply for and fill out correctly the Formfor Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status (hereinafterreferred to as the Form), which are printed by CSC, in conformity to the time and requirements set by the institutions and submit the Form completed to the institutions before the deadline.

2). In accordance with the requirements and standards of Annual Review,the institutions, after filling the suggestions of Annual Review into the Form,shall send the report on Annual Review, the name-list of the scholarship students who have passed and the forms of those who have failed in the Annual Review to CSC before May 31st. The report should also be sent to the Administrations for education in provinces, autonomous regions andmunicipalities.

3). Annual Review of those who require to be transferred to another institution (including remedial Chinese language students) should be processed by the previous institution, which is responsible to pass the materials andresults of Annual Review to the target institution.

4). CSC will notify the institutions and the Administrations for educationin provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities the final results of Annual Review before June 15th. The institutions shall inform the scholarship students the decisions made and shall remind the embassy of the dispatching country or dispatching organization about the students whose scholarship have been suspended or terminated after the Annual Review.


Article 10. The Measures will exert effectfrom the day of proclamation.


Ministry of Education, PR. China

April 26, 2000